Somewhere, trout tremble.

I’ll soon be traveling to Vermont for a marketing meeting, and I’ve scheduled an extra day to fish the Connecticut River with a friend. My buddy Joe is a fly-tying animal, and he’s whipping up some fantastic looking 2.5-inch EP-fiber streamers (see above) for the trip, complete with lead wire wraps. Look at that thing – even I want to bite it. I’m told (by Quinton, a fellow angler and native Vermonter) that lack of rain and long hot days have reduced many of the rivers and streams to trickles, so the big river (at a point where one of its headwaters pours in and cools things down) is our backup plan. We’re actually hoping for some (semi) foul weather. A few weeks after that I’ll be heading north to visit my girlfriend’s family in Canada. Agenda calls for great food, lots of laughs and plenty of homemade wine — oh, and beefy salmon and steelhead in the powerful rapids of the famed St. Mary’s River. I’ll post the results of each trip. Hope the rest of you have a getaway or two to look forward to, as well.

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2 Responses to “Anticipation”

  1. Joe says:

    I appreciate the kudos on the fly tying ( I am certainly no expert) and wish the trip had worked out better. You have left over flies that I tied, and I want em back!!! Kidding of course. Leave it on your 4wt. and the rest in the tackle bag. We’ll take em to the Glades for snook during the next few weeks.


  2. John says:

    Joe, looking forward to throwing flies at fish that actually prefer heat. I still need to see how the new 6-7 rod handles snook near cover.