Conservation champion

blogfish.jpgI recently ran across a blog called “blogfish” run by a gentleman in Seattle named Mark. We’ve traded some emails related to links and personal philosophies (including the ofttimes perpendicular perspectives of anglers and conservationists). I’d like to point my readers toward where, among the thoughtful content and thought-provoking opinions, they’ll see a recent mention of shallowfish and our exchange. Mark is out there every day investigating rumors of misuse and fighting to protect our water-borne resources. Though we almost surely disagree on quite a few issues, I applaud his intentions, dedication and fierce resolve for a worthy cause.

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5 Responses to “Conservation champion”

  1. Mark Powell says:

    Thanks John. As you said, we may not agree on everything, but we have bigger worries than each other. Let’s always talk to each other and do what we can to stand up for our shared interests!

    BTW, I just got an invitation to speak at the American Sportfishing Association’s annual Sportfishing Summit in Florida next month, about fishing closures. Sounds like a good time, I’ll be there.

    Keep up the good work on shallowfish!

  2. Mark Powell says:

    Thanks John! While we may not agree on everything, I think it’s vital that we keep talking. We have much bigger foes than each other.

    I’ll do my best in this, I was just invited to be on a panel discussing fishery closures at the American Sportfishing Association’s annual Sportfishing Summit in Florida next month. Should be interesting.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. snook says:

    Mark, you wrote: “We have much bigger foes than each other.” Bingo. Boil it down, and we’re both in favor of protecting a resource we treasure. As I mentioned to you at one point: the most avid anglers I know are also humane folks who are zealous protectors of the fish they catch.

    Out of curiosity, where’s the conference being held?

  4. Mark Powell says:


    The meeting is in Sanibel, Florida, Oct 10-12. See ASFA website for details, at

    Agreed, some of the most dedicated conservationists I know are fishermen who got to conservation through their fishing. I remember meeting a person who had largely quit fishing and volunteered his time for conservation instead, when asked why he said: to give back. That’s beautiful.


  5. snook says:

    I haven’t yet reached that level of selflessness. 😀

    Sanibel’s right up the road from my stomping grounds. Send me an email before you come down and maybe I can buy you a beer. Take care, Mark.