Tackle News: Subwalker

Hmmmmm……daddy likey.

Buddy of mine just told me about this new sub-surface “walking” lure made by Rapala. It’s being hyped by one site as a lure that “has no boundaries and will change the way you fish.” Promo copy also reads: “…ideal for any species of fish.” I’m told it unclogs toilets and makes sandwiches, too (hopefully not in that order). Gushing hyperbole aside, it’s a handsome looking devil, with a pearly, almost translucent finish and a realistic profile that closely mimics a frisky pilchard. It also has a slow sinking action and (I assume) a lively side-to-side waggle, and can be fished right on top or a bit under the surface. Sounds good. So while I’m amused at the overstatement that so often accompanies a new lure roll-out, I’ll try one out eventually. If any of you have put the Subwalker through its paces, let the rest of us hear your take.

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