Fishing Tip: break free from a muddy bottom

muddysneaks.jpg If you fish shallows using a trolling motor, sooner or later your hull will rub flush with soft mud that inhibits forward progress…or stops you altogether. A push pole works well in this situation, but there’s not always one available. Getting out and pushing means a messy boat…and often lost shoes that are literally sucked off your feet as you try to step forward. The solution: rock the boat from side to side (by taking wide steps repeatedly from port to starboard) to break the mud’s “hold.” While rocking, run your trolling motor on high and aim for a deeper section of water. Two notes: 1) this works much better with smaller, lighter skiffs, and 2) never use this technique where sea grass or other aquatic vegetation or structure is present, as it can damage vital game fish habitat.

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