Fishing Tip: go flush with hookpoints in softbaits

softy-point.jpgSoft plastic baits are wonderful lures that offer numerous advantages, the most evident being the ability to rig them so they’re essentially snag-less. This “Texas-style” rigging is invaluable when fishing shoreline structure, as it allows you to cast more aggressively and reach further back into the nooks and crannies where fish hide. This article covers the steps required to render your soft-baits weedless. Pay special attention to Step #7. Ideally, the hook should penetrate the body of the lure, with the entire point lying flush along the body. Rigged this way, the hook point does not need to penetrate the thick body before contacting the fish’s mouth, with increases hook-ups. As a final measure, you can barely insert the point of the hook back in the body — just enough to keep the point covered.

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