Fishing Tip: control your fly line with bare feet

footies.jpgIf you usually fly fish from the deck of a boat, you know that the free line lying on the deck can be a real pain in the can to control, especially on windy days. Many a cast has been blown — and many a strike missed — due to line that falls off the edge of the deck, wraps around shoes or gets tangled in clumps. A solution? Kick off your shoes and socks. In your bare feet, you’ll be able to feel the line underfoot, stepping on it to keep it on the deck if it’s windy, and stepping off of it so you don’t blow a cast. With practice, your feet can work almost like another set of hands. In fact, some accomplished fly casters can work a shoreline with their toes while using their hands to make sandwiches. (OK, so that last part’s not true, but I had you going).

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