Fishing Tip: smaller lures, bigger fish

biggy-small.jpg“Big Lure, Big Fish” is an old fishing axiom with some merit. It’s true that over-sized fish have an affinity for large meals, since they offer a big payoff in a single feed. (Like you, reaching over the asparagus for the big Porterhouse). But the notion that big lures are required to catch big fish just ain’t true. In fact, smaller lures can offer a decided advantage in certain situations, since they land softly, make less of a commotion when retrieved and — most important– closely mimic the small crustaceans and bait fish that predators are usually focused on when they cruise skinny water. Smaller lures require lighter line and tackle to cast well, so it’s more challenging to hook and catch a big fish when you use them. And unless you’re just hunting meat, that’s the point, no? So if you’re working the skinny stuff, try smaller lures. You’ll find that even big fish will smack small offerings that are presented correctly. (Like you, with the beer nuts).

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