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Summer pattern

Saturday, June 14th, 2008


Rain. Then rain. And then some more rain.

Finally got out yesterday with MoJoe, making our way north after work to hit DependaBay. Big red patches loomed on the radar, but we figured they’d rain themselves out by the time we arrived. The best laid plans, and all that. We put his skiff in once we arrived, heard a bolt of lightning erupt nearby, and skinned our asses back to the dock. From the safety of his truck we watched light dance across the heavens and the rain fall on the bay in sheets. To pass the time, we listened to talk radio, where Mark Levine was hammering Obama and Hillary “Her Thighness” Clinton. Great stuff. Struck us that Levine’s voice sounded just like the duck in the Aflac ads. We ran back to the flat with about twenty minutes of daylight left, but the rain persisted, the water was muddy and it was soon dark. Joe had a chance to cast a new prototype lure he built, but it spun in barrel rolls on the surface and he cussed it like a sailor. As he put it away, he said “Nice frigging job, Proto Baggins.” I had to take a knee. Tough fishing, but big laughs, as usual.

Skip-cast your way to more fish

Thursday, June 5th, 2008


Reach Fish Where No Man Has Gone Before.

You’ve been there, I’m sure. We all have. You’re standing on the bow of a skiff, arm cocked, lure dangling, ready to cast. A moment before, you heard a smashing hit around a bend in the shoreline. As you approach the general vicinity of the strike, you hear another. But it’s strangely muffled, and you know what that means. A big fish has burrowed its way far back under the overhanging branches, and it’s rooting around, stacking bait into corners where it can feed at will. The problem? It’s so far back under the “junk” that there’s no way to present your lure. So you sit there with a wistful look on your face, listening to that big fish ravaging bait within feet of the skiff, as unreachable as the moon. So…what are your alternatives? (more…)

Mahi-Mahi, man

Sunday, June 1st, 2008



Seems all my buds are on a roll. My cousin recently sent me this pic from the Keys using his iPhone. He’s in Marathon, where he and his family make an annual trip down to fish the deep waters of the Atlantic for sails, wahoo, dolphin, etc. This big cow is headed for the icebox.

Brookies for my bud

Sunday, June 1st, 2008


My buddy Pete recently snapped the pic above and sent it my way. He’s doing very well on the browns and brookies in a secret stretch of river in Connecticut, and though he’s conservation conscious, he and his son occasionally keep a fish or two for the grill. This pic has me looking forward to my annual (business-related) jaunt to Vermont later this summer.

Old school

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

As part of the epic Get John’s Damn Skiff Working Again Project, I recently purchased a used trailer from a buddy of mine. When I went to pick it up, sitting atop it was an old red ’77 Maverick skiff (model #2). Got me interested in its history, and (with the caveat that this is second-hand info) this is what I discovered: (more…)