Summer pattern


Rain. Then rain. And then some more rain.

Finally got out yesterday with MoJoe, making our way north after work to hit DependaBay. Big red patches loomed on the radar, but we figured they’d rain themselves out by the time we arrived. The best laid plans, and all that. We put his skiff in once we arrived, heard a bolt of lightning erupt nearby, and skinned our asses back to the dock. From the safety of his truck we watched light dance across the heavens and the rain fall on the bay in sheets. To pass the time, we listened to talk radio, where Mark Levine was hammering Obama and Hillary “Her Thighness” Clinton. Great stuff. Struck us that Levine’s voice sounded just like the duck in the Aflac ads. We ran back to the flat with about twenty minutes of daylight left, but the rain persisted, the water was muddy and it was soon dark. Joe had a chance to cast a new prototype lure he built, but it spun in barrel rolls on the surface and he cussed it like a sailor. As he put it away, he said “Nice frigging job, Proto Baggins.” I had to take a knee. Tough fishing, but big laughs, as usual.

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