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The Joe Show

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

This past Friday Joe and I head down into the Glades for the first time since May. A steady breeze kept the oppressive heat at bay, and made for a glorious late-summer trip. There were a number of memorable moments. A big gator tried to swallow a snook I was releasing, and had Joe not hollered he may have swallowed far more. Deep in a backwater creek Joe hooked a dark snook that had a large crawdad stuck in its, well, craw, and then it spit up half of a digested water moccasin along with his lure. But the story of the day was my lesson in humility. We’re seldom competitive, but we did spark up a good-humored competition to keep things interesting. He switched from plugs to a jig early, and I scoffed at his choice like a smug dry fly angler disdaining the use of a nymph. Wrong move. (more…)