Hot and Cold

I headed deep into the Glades last week with MoJoe and his brother Danny. We suffered on the long ride down, running 40-50 MPH in 40-degree weather. Brutal. We saw numerous large snook early on, but they had lock-jaw and moved about listlessly in the cold shallows. But the day warmed up nicely, and by mid-afternoon the fish thawed out enough to feed. We enjoyed a banner afternoon from that point on. Joe caught everything that moved and posted a backwater slam (snook, redfish, tarpon), I was one unbuttoned tarpon away from doing the same, and Danny caught snook as fast as he could cast his plug. We feasted on dry salami, Parmesan cheese, spiced olives and Papa Sullivan’s spectacular soft-bread sammies; released over 40 snook and several reds; and basked in crisp, sunny weather. Beat that. I dare you.

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4 Responses to “Hot and Cold”

  1. Ol' Man Sully says:

    Doesn’t it seem odd that a grizzled veteran such as yourself, with years of experience in the area, would venture into the far reaches of the Everglades packing provisions consisting of only dried salami, a bit of cheese and some olives? Just asking.

  2. Joe says:

    Dad saw the latest entry and said, “Guess there were no sandwiches eaten that day……”

  3. admin says:

    Oops. Edit made.

  4. Ol' Man Sully says:

    There was always the possibility that Danny had scarfed all the sammies before you even got to OR.