Fishing Tip: use the sun when sight-fishing

When sight-fishing in shallow water, try to keep the sun behind you (or at least at your side) if at all possible. This will give you a better view of the bottom, your lure or fly, and any fish in the area. A bonus? A bright sun in a fish’s eyes makes you tougher to see, so you can get closer before you place your cast. This simple tip can do wonders for your sight-fishing success.

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2 Responses to “Fishing Tip: use the sun when sight-fishing”

  1. I agree about the visibility, I use it to my advantage and try to tell clients one important piece of advice, cast before your shadow hits the fish. They are blinded by the sun in their eyes trying to see you and everyone thinks it’s the shadow that spooks the fish but it’s actually your shadow covering the sun that allows them to see you and spooks them. Anyways, sightfishing into the sun is tough and even tougher on your eyes and without a good pair of sunglasses, your eyes can get tired early on a good day of sightfishing.

    Tight Lines,
    Capt. Steve

  2. admin says:

    Excellent, helpful advice from a seasoned vet. Thanks for the input, Capt. Steve.