Fishing Tip: find fish in cold weather

dark-bayIn winter months “down south”, cold weather, wind gusts and low tides can make shallow-water angling a real challenge. But, as with most things in life, you can find a silver lining if you look hard enough. In Florida specifically, redfish and especially snook will move inland as the thermometer drops, and they can often be found “sunning” in protected bays, especially those with dark mud bottoms that soak up and hold the sun’s heat. Move into such areas slowly, use a good set of glasses to look for moving or stationary fish and slow down the presentation of your lure or fly.

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One Response to “Fishing Tip: find fish in cold weather”

  1. Capt. Steve says:

    Slow, slow, slow and even more slow. In certain areas I fish, the reds gang up in bunches or scatter out in the connecting ponds/bays. This year we’ve been getting Goliaths in the usual spots we see reds, in years past I thought I was blowing big oversize redfish out of the potholes but this year so far after slowing it down even further I discovered that I may have been spooking Goliaths. We managed a few so far and they are awesome to sightfish and are like redfish on steroids when fighting in the shallows. I know they primarily feed on crabs and smaller fish like goatfish, blowfish, and burrfish according to the FWC website on them but could it be possible they are eating those same redfish that are usually there but gone this year?