Pythonasaurus Eatimus YerAssicus

rock-python Oh my toothyness.

A week or so ago I saw a report that wildlife officers had found a 14-foot long African Rock python in the Everglades National Park. Now, I know more and more large, exotic pythons are being found in the Park as the result of brain-dead imbeciles people releasing them into the wild, but this version is apparently capable of growing to 20 feet, and it’s a notoriously vicious breed that eats everything from goats to crocodiles to wild hogs. Oh, and the occasional human. One scientist quipped “It’s mean right out of the egg…” I see. Intrigued, I did a quick image search and found the above image of a diamond-patterned demon rock python biting a wire fence, displaying a world-class set of chompers in the process. Four layers of them, to be precise – in case the first two rows of paring knives don’t close the deal, I presume. ┬áNow, I realize the media loves to overhype this stuff and I doubt they’re the savage threat to humans that a host of hyperbolic articles imply, but when I venture into the Glades later this week to scare up some bass I’ll likely be a bit more timid when retrieving a snagged lure. In fact, I may be downright prissy.

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4 Responses to “Pythonasaurus Eatimus YerAssicus”

  1. Joe says:

    All the more reason to “carry”

  2. WOW, that is unreal. I’ve only seen sketches and illustrations of the teeth of pythons and I knew they had rows of gripping teeth to hold their prey while squeezing the life out of them but this is another level. Three rows of teeth and they look like fangs lined up to pretty much eat anything. I know we won’t hear of a human casualty in the near future but as our population expands anything is possible. Even a bite wound left untreated can be deadly since they carry batceria like salmonella and other deadly ones similar to the Komodo Dragon. I had my only encounter with a python in 2003 back behind Hells Bay and I got a video similar to an alien encounter with my video camera all over the place, kind of looks like I’m filming The Blair Witch project or Cloverfield but I got some decent footage. This was before we really knew the extent of their range and it freaked us out that night sleeping on the Chickee. If you go to Flikr and search Scott Baker75, you might find the still pics we shot. Anyways, crazy stuff and scout out those trees before pulling your lure out with your hands.


  3. Here’s a link to Flikr with the mediocre pics of my only Python encounter. Copy and paste this link into your browser for the python pics. I only had 3 pics and a lame video but it was pretty damn exciting and it was before we realized we had a problem so you could imagine that we couldn’t believe our eyes.

  4. admin says:

    LOL re: the Blair Witch reference – nice. And it’s understandable that you’d be blown away seeing such a beast winding its way through mangroves. Yikes. You say you were “freaked out” sleeping on the Chickee. I have a trip down that way planned for August, and now I’m gonna lose sleep to a good case of the horrors each night. :-) It’s honestly surreal to think that there are scores of these big snakes down in the Glades now. Seems to me the FWC should put a bounty on each one so the message is clear: see big snake, smoke big snake. They’re an invasive species that needs to be eliminated.