Wind-borne Reds

I headed out solo this evening to try my luck on a nearby flat, knowing full well that the wind was cooking at 17 knots or so. Sure enough, the bay was chopped up and ugly, and I considered going home early before spotting a good school of redfish among the waves. I lost two big fish and then landed two thick, copper-sided reds that went back no worse for wear. The school was packed up tight and very aggressive, sending baitfish fleeing as they moved across the flat. I believe they would have hit anything that moved: lures, personal flotation devices, small barnyard animals, you name it. Their raw power was stunning; when they exploded on top they literally knocked the paint off my lures. Epic stuff on a windy evening…and uncanny timing given the latest fishing tip, below.

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2 Responses to “Wind-borne Reds”

  1. John- been reading your blog for over a year. You do a superb job of blending concise fishing tips, wit and anecdotes backed by obvious experience. And you pair it beautifully with excellent photography. Looking forward to next month…Gordon.

  2. admin says:

    Gordon, that means a lot to me. I enjoy offering tips that folks might value, and I hope they never come off as preachy. I still have much to learn myself, which tells me I picked the right hobby. Thank you for the kind comment.