Fishing Tip: fish face the current

Always keep in mind the fact that fish tend to face into current. Water flow carries along the stuff they eat, be it larvae and flies for trout in freshwater streams, or crabs, shrimp and baitfish for flats’ denizens like redfish, snook and bonefish. Fish will, of course, swim with a current when moving from one feeding station to another, but once they set up shop, they’ll generally face the direction the groceries are coming from. This is why freshwater trout anglers prefer to cast upstream, so that their flies drift naturally back along the current toward waiting fish, logic which works by extension in the salt where water flow is strong, such as in a pass or inlet. And even where water flow is weaker—such as a long, weak run on a river or on a saltwater flat or mud bar—knowing which way it is moving can help you place casts with greater effect.

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