RedSnook Revisited

My buddy Joe and I will be fishing the RedSnook Tournament again this year in October. I’m not a big tournament fan since they so often become about the cash or the volume of fish you can sling on a deck, but when asked to participate last year I did, and I had a ball. The tournament proceeds benefit the Conservancy of Southwest Florida and its Estuary Programs, and if Joe and I place we’ll be sending our winnings the the Snook Foundation, who is sponsoring us. We’ll once again be fishing in the Unguided Spin/Plug category, and this year my plan is to actually catch a fish or two, just to change things up a little. I know that sounds zany, but it’s how I roll.

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One Response to “RedSnook Revisited”

  1. Wishing you boys the best of luck! Love to be there with you filming the action, and the smacktalk!