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Life’s a beach

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

How it’s done: Wake up late. Complain about heat and crowds when the wife suggests a trip to the beach. Grab the little 4-weight fly rod on the way out, almost as an afterthought. Grumble when she suggests a walk. Spend time casting at and catching a few small snook in the wash until tide goes slack. Trudge along behind wife on the way back to car. See big shadow moving in from deep water. Make wild cast, hook up, see most of line disappear off spool in seconds. Run down the beach looking like a deranged fool. Land big snook. Pose for tourists. Act calm, even seasoned. Hide shaking hands. Follow wife to car, saying what a good idea it was to hit the beach on a lovely Saturday morning. Ignore wife’s wild eye rolling and creative use of action verbs.