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Marathon Men

Monday, June 29th, 2009

This past week I had a chance to sneak back down to the Keys (Marathon, FL) with some buds I’ve known since high school – including my cousin, whose family has plied the Atlantic down there for years. We’re all longer in the tooth and a bit less spry than we once were, but you’re never too old to learn new stuff. In fact, we learned that birds sometimes mean dolphin, more often tuna, most often nothing. That a few birds are better than a flock of birds. That tuna are real fast. That our eyes aren’t what they once were. And not just our eyes. That marlin aren’t accommodating. That the sun in the Keys is hotter than a Cambodian cathouse. That hardcore offshore angling is not just the province of the young. That crabs like beer, tarpon can cost you a limb, sharks can clap, shared bathrooms can be hazardous, blue drinks taste like poo, skunk apes have sex drives, old guys get homesick too and tequila in icy drinks can affect departure times. Among other things. Oh, and we learned that you can’t let too many years slide by before spending some quality time with old friends. Er, friends that you’ve known for a long time. Aw hell, you know what I mean.