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Creek Crawlin’

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Putting through Alligator Creek...which was indeed loaded with gators

Over the holiday break I had a chance to get back down into the Everglades—the perfect opportunity to let the new outboard on my little skiff stretch its legs. I followed my buddy Joe and his dad in his boat, and we wound our way through tight creeks and fished deep backcountry spots on a warm, breezy day. We caught our share of reds and snook, and the little skiff ran well. In a pending post I’ll detail the recent and long-overdue upgrades, since I know how much anglers enjoy discussing gear. In short, I’m back in the game—just in time for what is some of the best backcountry fishing of the year.

The Comeback Skiff

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

• Used trailer that required considerable re-work to be useful, and a brief foray into a life of crime to pay for: $1000

• Carbs cleaned, plugs changed, new trim switches installed, closing costs on home mortgaged to pay bill: $320

• Two new (pro-rated) deep cycle marine batteries purchased after one imploded and filled house with toxic hydrogen gas that has left entire family addled and torpid: $120

• One new charger to replace version that led to imploding battery: free (unless you count the high price of donor’s cackling amusement)

• Three separate and utterly inept attempts to reconfigure new trailer by non-trailer-fixing (insert plural version of colorful noun): $360 (more…)