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Fishing Tip: use monofilament behind braided line

Monday, November 10th, 2008

By now most spin and baitcast anglers have learned the virtues of braided line, including its memory-free makeup and the distance it adds to the average cast. But “braid” takes some getting used to, and must be in a different manner than monofilament line. One tip that makes a big difference: instead of adding braid directly to your spool, start with 50 yards or so of mono. This “backing” offers several advantages: 1) it’s easier to tie to the spool, since slick braid makes knot-tying a challenge, 2) it limits the amount of expensive braid you’ll use with each re-spool and 3) it prevents line that’s under pressure from slipping on the spool. For best results, use a uni-knot to attach the two lines.