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Weather or not

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

On Tuesday evening Abby and I snuck out for a quick shot at some afternoon snook and redfish, but Mother Nature copped a major ‘tude so we languished at a nearby waterfront restaurant, discretion kicking valor to the curb. Not a bad backup plan. Today we gave it another shot with my buddy Joe in tow, and the weather was more kind. Not a great trip fish-wise – though we did have a shot at some big reds, caught a trout or two, and landed a nice snook – but the highlight of the trip was the free light show courtesy of a falling sun and some funky cloud formations, with golds bleeding into pinks bleeding into blues. Yowza. Some pretty paint jobs entertained us until darkness fell, while bottlenose dolphin and brawny bull sharks jockeyed for position around by the skiff. We live in paradise, truth be told. But don’t tell anyone – it’s crowded enough as it is.