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Fishing Tip: make your topwater plugs slicker and safer

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

one-hook-plugLove to fish topwater lures? Obsessed with using plugs that have a lively action? Then try this simple trick: remove all treble hooks save those on the back of the lure. By doing so, you immediately make things much safer on your quarry, since multiple treble hooks can wreak havoc on a struggling fish. In most cases, you’ll also make the lure much more effective. Hanging hooks create drag, and drag limits lure action. A topwater plug without lots of extra hooks is slick and very buoyant, resulting in a much more lively presentation. This trick works especially well with cylinder-shaped plugs. Note that you may need to leave the hardware that connects the missing hooks on the plug to 1) close any holes that would lead to a waterlogged lure and 2) add some weight so the lure will right itself once it settles. Will you lose more fish this way? Well, yes. But not as many as you’d think, and the trade-off is a good one, both in terms of fish welfare and more strikes.